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If The Birds Aren’t Ignored…

How spiritual does someone have to be for God to look out for them? I think we would all easily answer that God doesn’t base His blessing on some invisible spiritual meter. I would answer that way, except I don’t … Continue reading

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It’s Late…Or Should I Say Early…

It is almost three in the morning and I’m up. Very up. Wide awake in fact. Since I am anticipating tomorrow to be a rather busy day, this is quite inconvenient. But alas, this quiet time has allowed me the opportunity to gaze … Continue reading

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He’s A Two Year Old Now…

Its official…I am the mother of a little boy who is two. On this day, two years ago I was laying in my hospital bed overwhelmed with all sorts of feelings. I remember what I thought of when I first … Continue reading

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Thinking About Halloween….

Halloween is fastly approaching, which means there have been quite a few conversations had between Chris and I as to what our stance on it is. We do this every year. We re-access how we feel about this tradition. As … Continue reading

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Mmmmm…it’s soup season! Why do I always feel like I am cursing when I say Borsht? Oh those crazy Germans and there angry sounding words! Anyway, I think Borsht is one of the greatest soups ever! I know that makes me seem … Continue reading

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Christmas Time Is Here…

“…Happiness and cheer…fun for all the children call…there favorite time of year!” Okay, so Christmas time is not here yet (I just can’t seem to get this song out of my head). But only in a couple of weeks will … Continue reading

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Wise Words For Mothers…

I love learning from other moms. The only problem is I tend to get caught up in the “specific’s.” When I meet a mom and I see that her children are acting rather well-behaved I often wonder, “Hmmm what kind of disciplinary … Continue reading

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