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BBQ Salmon Fettuccine…

I thought it was time to include some recipes in this blog. So I will start with a recipe I came up with that has become a family favorite. Now this is going to be difficult for me to write … Continue reading

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I Special!

This morning something kind of amazing happened. Chris and I were sitting on the living room floor playing with the kids. Ben got up and walked over to his book basket and pulled out his “God made you special” book … Continue reading

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Kid Friendly YouTube Video’s…

Lets face it…its a new day in the world of parenting. Not only do we have to monitor what our kids see on TV, but we have to monitor the computer, as well as iPhones and other gadgets that I’m sure will be … Continue reading

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A Sappy Post About Being A Parent…

Over 2 years ago I would have described myself as being somewhat strong and not prone to blubbering during a hallmark card commercial. Sure, I am a girl, which mean I have always had my moments of tears and outbursts during … Continue reading

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10 Years…

10 years and two days ago I was sitting around a campfire talking to the boy I was falling for. We stayed up till 2 in the morning talking about…everything. Both of us willing the flames to keep burning so that we … Continue reading

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“Genderless” Babies And So-Called Authenticity…

My generation is obsessed with something. And it is beginning to pervade our society in bigger and bigger ways. Authenticity. When I was 19 I started writing my thoughts in book form. It was on-going and I wrote through the … Continue reading

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Big And Small…

I have to admit something. I have been kinda (well not always “kinda”) judgemental towards families with only one or two children. I know I currently only have two kids, but we plan on having more (Lord willing). And I … Continue reading

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