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Fear And Faith…

I remember when my son was born. Chris and I were wrapped up in all of the new parent jitter’s that plague us all. Is he still breathing? I would wonder if he seemed too quiet. Putting his little 3 … Continue reading

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Crickets And Excess

I wish I knew how to add music to my blog. Right now I would have a loop of crickets going at all times. It is quiet over here. But I wish you could peer into my home, because you … Continue reading

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Planning And Dreaming…

Pardon me for this indulgent post. My life has been wrapped up in packing, purging and homemaking inspiration. So if you are expecting some deep spiritual insight your going to have to lower your expectations at least for the next month or … Continue reading

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…

Here are just few of my web wanderings this week. Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?: This article both vindicated and challenged my parenting philosophy. It is a good read for all parents to consider. I Missed My Son’s … Continue reading

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