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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…

Dear Parents, Confront The Monster Within: This is not good just because its my husband writing. I think this is really great and helpful for all parents to read! Oprah Puts Rob Bell on Her Spiritual A-Team: Yeah, not surprised…but good … Continue reading

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Welcome Autumn…

Yesterday marked the first day of Fall. There is something about this season that makes me feel at home. My spirit soars when a sweater is needed after getting out of bed in the morning. It’s a simple enjoyment. The sound of … Continue reading

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…

Couple Adopts A Baby Whom Others Called A Curse: This is a heart-warming story and makes me so thankful for people like this couple who truly understand the gospel for what it is. Dear Parents, You Need To Control Your … Continue reading

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9 Years Of Change…

Although each day feel’s almost identical to the one before it, when I look at the last 9 years, so much has changed. Today marks my ninth wedding anniversary. So let me list some of the things that have kept … Continue reading

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9 Things I Love About You on Our 9th Anniversary!

To Jessica, Yes, It’s me, your husband. And yes, I have hijacked your blog in order to tell you how much I love you on our anniversary! I have listed a few things below in no particular order. They are short and … Continue reading

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…

Wow its been while since I did this. Like I already said, it has been a needed break. So here you go. Accidental Pharisees: This is a book I need to read. I was convicted just by this review of the … Continue reading

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Social Media Massacre…

Sorry for the blogging break to all 3 of you who read regularly. I imagine your world has come crashing down and you’ve gone into a severe depression. I hope you will recover. In all seriousness, I have needed this … Continue reading

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