Whisper Sweet Somethings…

whisper sweet somethings

When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay…

I suffer from something called anticipatory anxiety. It’s not clinical but purely circumstance driven and I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. When things (big things) are on the horizon, my little heart starts to panic. Like a train barreling down the track this trepidation stampede’s directly at me. There is very little that can be done to eliminate it. Management is what’s necessary.

And as the summer comes to a slow close and the beginning of September looms ahead with all of its new challenges and new commitments and potential new beginnings, dismay becomes my food for thought.

And its in this place…this space of fluster, I call upon God to open His mouth and speak to me. I beg Him to whisper sweet somethings to change the trajectories of my thoughts away from dread, toward hope.

This is the place where I long for His words to lay siege the burden of my soul. His whispers of great somethings is the only place I know I will find rest. And so I open those ancient pages. There He speaks. Sometimes softly, still and small. Other times thunderous and deafening.

But every time sweet.

With my voice I cry out to the LORD;
with my voice I plead for mercy to the LORD.
I pour out my complaint before him;
I tell my trouble before him.
When my spirit faints within me,
you know my way!

My soul gives way to petition. And I beg the Lord for mercy. I desire the hope I know I should have. It should come much more easy than it does. I want to be a natural truster, but I’m not. My flesh is weak. And I need to be reminded.

When my spirit faints within me,
you know my way!

I read it over and over again. You know my way. You know my way. You know my way. Which means I don’t have to. I don’t have to know it all. Slowly the burden lessens and the fear fades into the background. He is with me here now. In the space of my fear-soaked alarm, He’s at my side. I know my cries are being heard.

You are my refuge,
my portion in the land of the living.

His voice bellow’s from the text. I find refuge yet again in Him. His portion is enough. Its more than enough. My soul slowly begins restoration. What else do I need, besides God? What more could possibly bring peace besides this nearness to the redeemer? What more could I want from Him?

The righteous will surround me,
for you will deal bountifully with me

Like cool water to a dry throat are these whispers of sweet somethings. Only this whisper feels more like a roar. Yes, I hear you God. In my distress the Lord’s Word is where I find hope. I find it not in September, nor its unknowns. Jesus is all my hope and stay. He is it. And one day I will be with Him. No matter what strife fills my days and months ahead, my greater joy is knowing that my ultimate bounty is found in heaven.

There I will be surrounded by the righteous in the presence of the most high King of Kings.

In my anxiety I call upon the Lord, not to take it away. But to overcome it with His majesty. To outweigh the balance in the direction of hope. I ask Him to speak…then I open the pages, read (today it’s Psalm 142) and listen.

The train of anxiety hits in full force, but I am not moved. I can’t be. Not here, with His whisper in my ear.

Dread gives way to His sweet somethings…

…His living and active Words of hope.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Don’t Say God Is Silent With Your Bible Closed: This is an important read. How often do we feel like God isn’t speaking to us while never picking up our Bibles? We silence the sound of God’s voice in our lives when we leave our Bible on the shelf.

Do I Really Have To Pray For Politicians I Oppose: It seems like an obvious answer to the question. Which it is. But in todays political climate of extreme anger, frustration and hate, we all might need this reminder.

The Suprising Truth About False Teachers: The question is not whether you ever hear the voice of false teachers. You do — probably every day. The question is whether you can discern which messages are false.

The Biggest Story: Now this looks like its gonna be very good. Looking forward to it!


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Our Summer So Far…

As you may have noticed I haven’t been on top of the whole blogging thing. But It’s summertime. And that’s the only excuse I’ve got.

However its been awhile since I’ve written a more personal post for those of you who find that stuff interesting. Which is mostly just my two far-away friends. And a personal post is no fun unless there is an alarming amount of pictures. So here we go!

First and foremost the weather so far has been glorious. After four consecutive boiling hot summers from hades, we finally are experinecing a cooler, more enjoyable season. Which I have loved so much! Our land is still green and not burnt to a crisp and there is no smoke and smog filling our skies. Lovely.

So we decided to go to space…


Not really. Just the planetarium, which was very fun.


Our July was made up of two weeks of summer school for the kids then one week of Church Daycamps (put on by my husband, because thats his job). After that my husband took two weeks of holidays off (which he more than earned after pulling off an excellent Kids Daycamp)! So we went camping!

Here we are looking beautiful…




And eating…(because…summertime). We explored nature…



And acted insane…


It was good family fun.


We also spent some time in Birch Bay collecting shells…


And watched TV in the trailer…(because…summertime).


But what has made our summer extra fun is all the time my kids get to spend (and torture) our new cat! We adopted her in the Spring. Her name is orphan Annie and she was a neighborhood stray that we had the joy of rescuing. Our kids are in love with her and regularly impose themselves on her personal space.


And although her 6am ritual wake-up call of walking over our faces and meowing loudly, invokes genuine rage that must be suppressed every single morning…we do still love her.


And that is it!

From here on out, our summer looks pretty chill. Which makes me happy. So I hope you enjoyed this riveting picture update. And I hope your summer is filled with all kinds of family memories made!

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Rings With Tiny Forests In Them: These are absolutely beautiful and amazing and I’m proud that these creators come from my very own province.

The Attractional Church’s Growing Irrelevance. Yes to this! It’s my conviction that attractional church philosophy is not the best form of church ministry. Sure, to each is own. But the reasons shared in this article are exactly why I feel that way. The attractional church is still answering questions most 21st-century lost folks aren’t even asking. The attractional church is still assuming lost people have some working knowledge of the Bible and its stories. The attractional church still thinks lost people are impressed that a group of Christians will sing a Taylor Swift song at church. The attractional church thinks their decades-old bait is still good for the switch.

How ‘Stranger Things’ Re-Enchants The World: Everyone is talking about this new Netflix series, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not totally into it. Because I am. Don’t spoil anything for me! Here is an interesting look at why this show is so popular.

The Myth Of Maternal Bliss: We have all met those mothers. The ones who seem to have it all figured out and manage to find every detail of motherhood completely magical and sweet. And then there are mothers (I believe the majority of us) who often don’t feel the magic. I found this article refreshing and encouraging.

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Observe And Cheer At The Creators Majesty This Summer…


You are clothed with splendor and majesty,
covering yourself with light as with a garment,
stretching out the heavens like a tent.
He lays the beams of his chambers on the waters;
he makes the clouds his chariot;
he rides on the wings of the wind;
he makes his messengers winds,
his ministers a flaming fire.

Psalm 104:1b-4

From the Genesis of time His splendor was present. Now it’s held in His tent – His heaven. A place beaming with a magnificence too glorious to know on earth.

But we still see it’s glimmer. The magnificence of our Creator.

The summer sun rays shoot between branch openings and glowing leaves made to sway involuntarily from gushes of wind. Warmth in the rays and refreshment from the wind bring soul care and spirit strength. He’s in them all.

Peering up at the sun and its beams of light, we see His garment. It fills and covers the earth. Falling in and through every opening of cloud and pouring over the tops of mountains. His majesty present in all of Creation shouts of His grandness and beauty.

The foundations of His chambers sit on the crashing waves of the sea as mighty pillars of strength. Great bodies of haphazard and rushing waters – where men find fear – the capable and secure hand of God calls to His order. Using this place as the bedrock and infrastructure to His Holy heavenly quarters.

The clouds billow and ripple with movement in great glides across an endless sky as His chariots.

Chariots that hold the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Out of reach of any opposition, as He hovers in governance over every detail of the earth. These chariots are moved by the winds of this great King.

And as He walks on top of the hasty element of breeze with contentment we see His deity and grand control over all things. He’s in every unpredictable gust. Whispering to us the deep things our hearts already know; that He loves us, made us and created us for His glory.

And so we must experience this glory. We must touch and feel, taste and see that it’s good.

Do not let this summer go by without standing directly in its path. Staring up at the artistry of our Creator. Do not let the wind fill your home without notice. Observe and cheer at the rushing waters that are His footstool.

His dominion over all that we see – take time to savor.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


The Perfect Spouse Will Not Complete You: We should be diligent about making sure we are well-coupled before heading down the wedding aisle. We should understand our motivations, we should set biblically-informed standards and expectations, and we should use careful discernment. But our hope is not in finding the perfect spouse but in resting in the perfect Savior. It is not my marriage that will complete me, but Christ.

The Busy Mom’s Guide To Prayer: It’s a challenge on a good day let alone when your busy. This is a nice little practical post on how to help your prayer life in the throes of motherhood.

Am I A Noisy Gong?: This is so good and so important for pastors, but also some great application for lay-people too. Somehow, in all my preparation and reflection, I’d failed to love the people God called me to serve. Of course I needed to handle the text wisely, cling to the truth tightly, and apply the gospel carefully. But what good is it, the Lord asked me through that verse, if I did it all without love?

Jordan Klassen – No Salesman: It’s a good song but I must not be artsy fartsy enough to understand the music video. So just try to enjoy the music.

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Dear Beloved: Stay In The Light…


Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness. ~ 1 John 2:9

Our world has seen a great deal of darkness. All shades of it in the last month. But really who are we kidding, the human-race has been wandering around blindly bumping into each other for centuries. Darkness is everywhere.

So many dim events fill our TV screens and Newsfeeds. Every day its a new one. And as easy as it is to just let it pass us by, it should never make us numb to the pain of this deep darkness that plagues our world. No, we most certainly can’t carry every burden. And we sure can’t solve every problem. It is challenging to know what we can do at all most days. I mean, truly, what can we do?

There is one thing I know for sure we must do.

Stay in the light.

And don’t join the darkness.

Even when our offenses are irritated about a topic getting a lot of play in the media or we feel we have the perfect answer to the problem… we must make sure our response to the darkness in the world bring’s light.

Check your heart, before you speak and before you type.

Fruitless angry banter adds darkness. Cynical patronizing rants add darkness. Chest-beating “telling-it-like-it-is” adds darkness.

Check your heart and ask yourself this question: As a Christian, how should I respond? Not as a mother, how do I respond?…or as a Canadian, or police officer, or black man, or conservative.

Your ultimate identity is not found in those things, if you claim to be in the light and wear the badge ‘Christian’.

It is so easy to turn out the light and join the shadowy brawls. Especially when we’re hiding behind a computer screen. I know this is true because I know my own heart and weakness. We just want to join the senseless noise. We want to add to the ever-increasing up-chuck that funnels through cyberspace all in the name of “getting something off our chest”.

We think it will bring clarity, but all it brings is further obscurity to the light that brings truth.

Jesus is the light of the world, and all our answers should be found in Him. Our default in these times of complexity must always be grace first.

Not jumping to defend our political party.

Just grace.

Just mourning with those who mourn.

Just loving, mercy-filled care and concern for the afflicted in our midst.

We don’t know the whole story based on the media, but we do know that people are hurting in this world for all kinds of reason. But we cannot hate our brothers and then say we’re in the light.

My dear Christian friends, in a world that calls us to join in the musky fog. Remain where its bright. Don’t resort to darkness…stay in the light of Christ.

And then pray with me. Pray for justice only the Father can sort out and hand down. And for truth to reign in our world and most importantly for Christ’s triumphant return.

Where all things will be made right.

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