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Inside Out – Lessons In Sadness, Sonship And Prodigals: Last Friday we took our kids to see the movie Inside Out and we were not disappointed. It covers lots of lovely concepts and it actually opened up a great dialogue (albeit simple one) with our kids that I hope will be ongoing. I like this guys thoughts on it.

You Are Not A Leader If You Never Say Sorry: Read this if you want your butt kicked. (ps – its good for us to get our butt kicked every now and then)

Brene Brown On Empathy: I’m not exactly sure why sympathy gets such a bad wrap in this explanation. By definition it isn’t negative. However I totally understand her illustration and how important it is for us get what true empathy is.

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Too Hot To Type…


We are breaking all kinds of records in the heat department this year. How wonderful.

Its hot.

Summer has come with a bang and a blanket of hazy humidity. It’s as if God has got us in the inferno. I give, I give! Blah. July has just begun, there is still two more months of summer left, and I’m totally over it already.

So if you’ve been wondering, why the quiet blog? Well this is why. I am currently slow-cooking in high temperatures and there is no end in sight. It’s just too hot to type.

And for whatever reason this heat has left my brain extra sluggish and uninterested in…everything. The hamster is off the wheel and fanning himself in the corner. Hmmm, why is my brain-hamster male? See, these are the kind of intelligent thoughts my mind is only capable of creating (and it took me way too long to remember how to spell capable – so you get the point now).

The best I can do is re-blog some of my past posts and hope for a wind of inspiration coupled with the right amount of brain power to get it done.

So that is your update, and I sure hope you all are having a most wonderful summer. And hopefully none of you are quite as effected by the heat as I seem to be.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Whoa, this was a big week for evangelical and cultural news. So I have a lot to share. Have a great Sunday!

Why The Church Should Neither Cave, Nor Panic: The recent supreme court ruling brought about many articles to mull over the last couple of days.  Some have been great and others, not-so-much. I always appreciate Russell Moore’s perspective, given the work he does.

Ten Lessons From The Tullian Tchividjian Confession: This recent news was heart-breaking to hear. It is always startling to hear of adultery taking down prominent Christian leaders. And yet it is common enough that we must learn from it.

The Gospel Is Not Clickbait: How many of you fell for the clickbait involving Chris Pratt being a radical Christian this week? This insane story circled my Facebook feed for days as people got really excited about something that is probably not true.

Advice For Young Pastors Summed up From TGC: This is a nice quick look at one of the common themes from the latest TGC. And I think I appreciated and resonated most with Don Carson and Scotty Smiths advice.

Page CVXI – Lullabies: This album is technically for children. Which is great cause I’ve got a couple of those. But I really just like it for myself too. Its nice, slow and soothing. Here are a few good ones, and some other gooders with no videos are Breath on me breath of God and Blessed Jesus.

Peace Like A River

Jesus Loves Me

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He Did It…


His first year of formal education. My boy. He did it.

Sure it was kindergarten and his accomplishments were mostly things like writing his name and learning the alphabet. But none-the-less, he did it. And wait, wasn’t I writing about his first day of school just last week? Nope, its been a whole school year since that post. How did we get here so fast?

My son overcame a lot this year.

For a boy who experiences anxiety in crowds along with a learning disability, school has been challenging. And there have been many meetings where myself and the school staff have tweaked and adjusted and brain-stormed how to manage these troubles well. It’s been a taxing year for all of us.

There were days that involved many tears and heartache. And ones that involved the principles office along with phone calls to mom. But those days became less and less as the months carried on. He began to catch the routine. Information started to stick. And friendships were formed.

We pushed through. He pushed through.

I’m proud of my boy.

The week of festivities started on Sunday. Our church instituted for the first time a bible presentation for all the graduating K kids. Which meant Ben got to be marched on stage and given his very own bible. All the parents then joined their children and were prayed for by the Children’s Pastor (who happens to be my hubs).



Very special it was.

And then at school we got to see Bens class sing an awesome farewell song that involved sunglasses. But the best part of the ceremony was seeing my boy get his Kindergarten certificate. I know it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. It’s just a piece of paper that congratulates a year of mostly play time and counting to 10. However it means a lot to us. Knowing the struggles of our boy, and what he overcame. It meant a lot.


Next year will bring with it a whole new set of troubles. But for now, we celebrate the victories won this year.

Way to go Ben! Mom and dad are so proud of you!

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Happy Father’s Day all you daddy’s out there!

The Most Painful Interview I’ve Ever Watched: I’d have to agree. Its pretty painful. Poor Brian Williams. He just couldn’t say it: “I lied.”

Why Are There So Many Interpretations of the Bible?: My husband answers this question as one of the big faith questions we are dealing with in our sermon series “Help My Unbelief” at church.

It’s Time To Take Down The Confederate Flag: What happened in Charleston this week is heart-breaking and hard for me to even talk about. All I can say is, I hate the sin of racism and I hate that it continues with such force. Russell Moore has some good words on the confederate flag and what it symbolizes.

Jim Gaffigan – Father’s Day: I just love Jim.



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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


A Day Late, A Dollar Short: Another one bites the dust. It was big news this week that Tony Campolo revealed his acceptance of gay-marriage and Carl Trueman writes about it well.

What Overparenting Looks Like From A Stanford Deans Perspective: Why did parenting change from preparing our kids for life to protecting them from life. Yup I see it and I feel it within myself!

God Wrote A Book: Oh, if only I could maintain this kind of enthusiasm for the Bible all the time.

The National – Heavenfaced: Sometimes sombre and kinda sad songs are refreshing. Does that make me weird? Maybe I’m the only one. I’ve been enjoying this song lately.

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Phobia’s And Freedom…


I have two big phobia’s. Heights and tight spaces.

So you can imagine how I do on planes.

Ever since I can remember I have hated being too high or too restricted. I will never forget when Chris and I were touring the beautiful city of Munich in Germany. It was our first stop in Europe and we were ripe with excitement over our adventure. Out of pure adrenaline and no thought at all I complied to Chris’s great idea to climb to the top of a church tower.

But as soon as we started up a very narrow and steep flight of steps, I quickly realized what I was in for. The trek would be long and the tunnel would be tight. About half way up my anxiety was mounting, but I kept going. When I reached the top I was so starving for fresh air that I burst through the tower doors onto the site seeing deck. But what I found on the other side of the door’s was terror.

I was essentially standing in a mesh cage where I could see everything below me. I was high above the entire city. Chris immediately leaned over the edge as I plastered myself up against the church wall.

Two of my phobia’s were playing itself out simultaneously.

After my heart relaxed a little I was able to carefully enjoy the view and take some pictures. But I never did it again. No matter how hard Chris would try to convince me to climb some old historical building, the answer was no.

Some might say that these phobia’s are something I need to overcome. These are weakness’ that I should conquer. But because it is not something that cripple’s me or keeps me from doing God’s will I am not too concerned about it.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that God created me this way.

He created me to be stifled by some things and freed by others.

I believe this because I feel His glory when I am on the other side of those phobia’s. When my feet are planted firmly on many blades of fresh green grass and I am partaking in a wide open space, breathing in His precious air, my heart sings.

I savor His goodness.

I experience His freedom in the way I think He wants me to. Because I am enjoying Him and His vastness. We all sing of His Glory in the midst of our God-given freedom!

“Blessed be his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory! Amen and Amen!” ~ Psalm 72:19

This is a re-post and was originally written on June 5th, 2012.

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