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The Prosperity Gospel Has Gone Viral: This is a pointed message for all of us who consider ourselves outside the prosperity gospel camp. But it is a good warning.

A Prayer For When You Are Waiting On The Lord: I needed this. The Psalmist knew that place of waiting as well. His cry of “How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? (13:1) is one that resonates with our own heart. The Psalmist cried out to God in prayer and so should we.

How An Affair Really Begins: Yup, he is right, affairs do not begin with sex. There is a lot that happens first. Things that you may not fully realize you are doing. This is not meant to scare you – ok well maybe it is. But that’s good. Read it and then pass it on to your spouse.

Stephen Colbert – Faith And Politics: I have a soft spot for Colbert, who is an outspoken catholic. He’s likable with really kind eyes. I don’t agree with him on a lot, but I do agree with him on everything he says here about church and state and faith and politics!

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The Foundation Of God Stands Sure…


This is very good news! Do yourself a favor and read this short devotional and let it minister to your soul. It sure ministered to mine today.

A Covenant He remembers:

He Hath given meat unto them that fear him: he will ever be mindful of his covenant.  ~ Psalm 111:5

Those who fear God need not fear want. Through all these long years the Lord has always found meat for His own children, whether they have been in the wilderness, or by the brook Cherith, or in captivity, or in the midst of famine. Hitherto the Lord has given us day by day our daily bread, and we doubt not that He will continue to feed us till we want no more.

As to the higher and greater blessings of the covenant of grace, He will never cease to supply them as our case demands. He is mindful that He made the covenant and never acts as if He regretted it. He is mindful of it when we provoke Him to destroy us. He is mindful to love us, keep us, and comfort us, even as He engaged to do. He is mindful of every jot and tittle of His engagements, never suffering one of His words to fall to the ground.

We are sadly unmindful of our God, but He is graciously mindful of us. He cannot forget His Son who is the surety of the covenant, nor His Holy Spirit who actively carries out the covenant, nor His own honor, which is bound up with the covenant. Hence the foundation of God standeth sure, and no believer shall lose his divine inheritance, which is his by a covenant of salt.

Charles Spurgeon

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


The video edition!

Speak To Persuade, Not Only To Rally: This is a great conversation between Russell Moore, Colin Hansen and Tim Keller about speaking to people you disagree with. It is humbling and challenging.

Rosaria Butterfield On The Pro-Choice Mindset: I think it serves us well to truly seek to understand the other side of an issue we are passionate about so that we can speak with compassion and intellect with those we disagree with. No one wins the argument with anger.

Tractor, Tractor – Slugs And Bugs: My kids absolutely killed themselves laughing when we watched this. Not sure if yours are as easily amused as mine, but give it a shot! It starts normal and then gets fun.

If I Go, I’m Goin – Gregory Alan Isakov: It looks like I’m late to the party with this guy, but I’m glad I found him (thanks for the tip Prisca)! I love this plucky, folksy, mellow song and he’s got a lot of other gooder’s too.

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They Stumble Over The Stumbling Stone…


Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense; and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame. ~ Romans 9:33

We are vessels of mercy.

Last week my husband and I had the privilege of celebrating 11 years of marriage. And my main man planned an elaborate day of traveling into the city and doing a “poor mans Europe trip”. Early in our marriage we backpacked around Europe and this was his way of reminding us of that adventure. So we went to monuments in the city and quietly walked through church’s and pontificated over art at the museum. It was a great idea and we had lots of fun.

And this morning the Lord brought me to Romans 9. Which is hard not to read without thinking about the people in those beautiful stone church’s here and all around the world who seek righteousness daily. The ones who like the Jewish folk of old, love righteousness, and desire it. But not by faith.

That Israel who pursued a law that would lead to righteousness did not succeed in reaching that law. Why? Because they did not pursue it by faith, but as if it were based on works. ~ Romans 9:31-32a

They are gentiles with the heart of the Jews. And so they labor in vain.

How is that fair? How is it that myself being a gentile can receive mercy after never seeking righteousness (Romans 9:30)?

I sat in that church, which was made with the best kind of materials. I’m sure people long ago poured over the place, making it the most God-honoring building they could muster. And now priests and lay-people come in and out, rituals on their lips and righteousness on the mind. They have worked and continue to work hard. That much is clear.

…as though it were by works.

But before you think I pit them against my gentile self and call myself the winner. Please know I do not.

These texts in Romans are not about anyone winning. Gentiles do not win.

I do not win.

Because of Christ’s work and His victory, we all sit at the same table. Because of mercy and mercy alone.

I do not doubt that their are souls who wander into that church and do so in faith. And they would be my brothers and sisters. Jew and gentile. It is such good news. Gentiles who never sought righteousness can link arms in brotherhood with Jews of great righteousness ripped of faith.

We have all fallen short. Then Jesus stumbled us.

He is the stone that trips the unrighteous and faithless alike. Leveling us out completely. Some will be offended by this Christ, by His saving work and they will continue to labor needlessly.

His plan was to make us face-plant into grace. Our belief in Him through faith alone, means the breaking and destroying of our shame. Nothing we did or have done made us worthy. None of us deserved it. But there it is. And here we are.

I sat in the pew with a man rocking rhythmically and chanting laments that echoed through the stone. And I prayed for faith. For my own, for him and for the city. I pray now that faith would win the day.

If we believe through faith in this Jesus. The one who takes away our shame and sets us free. We can be vessels of great mercy.

And that is such good news.

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes. ~ Romans 10:4

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Pastor-Scholar? Not likely: I can’t help but agree. Keep in mind he has no issue (and rightfully so) with Pastor-Theologian. I think we need really good pastors and we need really good scholars. I just wonder if the “pastor-scholar” doesn’t end up compromising in one of those “arenas”. God forbid it should be the pastor among his sheep.

Considerations For Choosing A Church: I am so grateful to be apart of a church that actively desires to do these things well. What a huge blessing! This is a good list, if your currently looking for a church home or just thinking about it.

100 Movies Dance Scenes Mash-Up: This is a lot of fun. (P.s Be warned, there’s a lot of bum shaking).

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Church, Stop Hiring Preachers And Performers To Be Your Pastors: Yup this is so true and such a huge problem. I don’t care how big your church is, your lead pastor needs to be a shepherd.

The Curse Of A Godly Wife: I think a lot of men will resonate with this. But it is very encouraging!  You don’t need to be a brilliant theologian or a renowned Bible scholar. You don’t need to read The Institutes. You don’t need to be godlier than your wife. You just need to own your sin and inadequacy, and to do those things God calls you to do.

Gianna Jessen Asks Congress “If Abortion Is About Women’s Rights, Then What Were Mine?”: I am still praying that all this attention will bring about actual, tangible change. Pray with me.

A Thousand Sorrows Prepares A Man To Preach: Its kinda funny to watch three men just over-clarify their statements over and over again. But I love these guys and what they say about preaching is true!

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


13 Things A Pastor Should Never Say To A Congregation: I thought this was pretty spot on.

5 Ways To Stand Up And Be The Church In The Worlds Worst Refugee Crisis Since World War II: Watching footage and reading about this is absolutely heart wrenching and yet I feel totally helpless. But we aren’t. Stay informed on how to help.

30 Questions To Ask Your Kid Instead Of “How Was Your Day”: Oh I like this a lot and am definitely gonna need it. I might just print it off and put it on my fridge.

Of Monster And Men – Crystals: If you can somehow manage to not be distracted by the bearded man lip-synching this song, you may actually like it. Or you will love the song purely because of the bearded man. He is transfixing, I’ll give him that. :)

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