Pirate Jesus…

Just had to share this.

Read this post and this post from Tim Challies blog. These are two quotes from John Eldredge’s new book Beautiful Outlaw.

I can’t help but ask the question. Do these quotes reflect the Jesus of the Bible? I don’t know, call me a skeptic, but they just don’t seem to mesh. I have heard people describe Jesus as being playful in many different books. But I have never read the gospels and felt that way. It seems to me Jesus was pretty serious.

He was serious in His love, He was serious in His mourning, He was serious in His rebuking, and He was serious in His comfort. It seems to me that everything recorded in the gospels of what Jesus said and did were things being done with specific intentions.

So when our visions of Him are ones that seem contrary to how Scripture portrays Him….should we call them “Jesus?” And another question, if I envision Jesus sitting on my desk chair wearing a pirate hat and I think that is somewhat silly. Is that comparable to Moses seeing God Himself as a burning bush to give Moses a specific calling, even if Moses felt it was strange as well?

Just a thought. I am very interested to hear what people think about this one.

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I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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3 Responses to Pirate Jesus…

  1. PB says:

    I respect Calvinists and the Reformed Church. I admire the way Calvinists treasure scripture and are careful to guard doctrine. As an individual whose Christian background is a blend of Charismatic and Evangelical, I recognize that I can learn a lot from Calvinists. However, I do think they tend to be too austere in their perception of Jesus. I am not a huge fan of Eldredge but I feel that Tim Challies is being very unkind in his open mocking of Eldredge. Why is it unreasonable to believe Jesus has a sense of humour? Scripture tells us that Jesus felt emotion (anger, sorrow), why would he be immune to laughter? My love for Christ and fear of God is not compromised by the belief that Jesus might want to tell a joke or laugh with me. I believe that God’s sense of humour is evident in the Old Testament (I will provide references later- I am typing this spontaneously before bed). Why would God create us to laugh, enjoy the absurd /silly, if He is above such things?
    I believe the issue Challies has with Eldredge here (aside from Eldredge’s writing style)is that Challies has no understanding of the more personable way Evangelicals pursue prayer and meditation with Christ. Challies is coming from a far stricter and more regimented tradition of worship that is generally skeptical of prophecy, praying in tongues, and more ‘friendly’ interactions with the divine. Yes, comprehending Jesus only as a friendly personality can be dangerous. I would argue for a balance to be maintained between the relaxed understanding of Jesus and the austere.
    I know that in my own relationship with Christ, I have shared laughs with Him (and yes-presents on occasion). The type of relationship Eldredge describes (and he should be commended for being so vulnerable) is one that I know to be common among many people. We should always ask Jesus to reveal Himself to us as He sees fit. If it involves Him wearing a pirate hat, then so be it. After all, it is not heresy to suggest that Jesus would tell a joke or wear a silly hat.

    • Hey Prisca,
      I too consider myself to be Charismatic (which might be suprising) as I do believe tongues, prophesy and visions exist today. I just also believe all those ought to line up with Scripture. Since we are created in God’s image, I also believe God must have a sense of humor. But if we know Jesus deeply, our relationship should be based largely on our understanding of who He is revealed to us through the Spirit in the Word. I guess I grow a little concerned when people’s visions of Him start reflecting more of there own “personal” Jesus; ones that more look like themselves, then the universal Jesus documented in the Bible. But thank you for your comments, I understand where you are coming from!

  2. PB says:

    I understand where you are coming from as well 🙂 I agree that creating a “personal” Jesus that doesn’t line up with scripture is dangerous.

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