December In Pictures…


Christmas is my favorite time of year and this one didn’t disappoint. As my kids get older and bigger I feel the need to write about these special seasons to remember better when I’m older and less able to recall them. Which means this is mostly just for myself. But feel free to join me on this December reflection! Get ready for a sea of pictures.

As the picture above shows, we continued one of our most treasured traditions of going to a tree farm and cutting down the perfect tree. What these pictures don’t show you is that this was the second tree farm we had to go to because the first one, that took about an hour to get to, didn’t take debit and that’s all we had. So this picture below is mostly just relief that our long drawn-out excursion is now over because we got a good-enough tree.


Our church put on a super awesome Christmas choir production that Lucy got to be apart of. And it was pretty sweet to watch her. She got to say part of a verse in front of the congregation and she rocked it!



We enjoyed the sugar-high of making a gingerbread house and I realized once again how much of a control-freak I am in the process. We still had fun.


Look how cute. Am I right?


We’ve had one of the most snowy seasons ever. And although some people have not enjoyed it, I have loved every second! It’s so beautiful and makes everyone slow down and it also brings neighborhoods together. Lucky for us, more is in the forecast!



All this snow has made staying inside so much more cozy. And I enjoyed so much siting by this fire with that view while snowflakes fell. I miss it.


Christmas morning started as it always does…with me and Chris waking up super early and waiting around for the kids. This scenario will flip at some point right? Finally Lucy woke up and then rushed to scream at her brother to “get up, its Christmas”!! We read the Christmas story as we always do and got to the presents.


We spent the day building Lego, watching Rudolph and playing new video games before loading up and heading to my moms, where lots of eating and playing with cousins took place. The girls got matching outfits from Fiji from Grandma who went there earlier in the month.


The next day we met with all of Chris’s family at a hotel about 45 minutes from our home for a short getaway where it continued to snow even as we swam in the pool. It was a lovely time together.



We also got to spend New Years Eve with some long-time and dear friends who were in town and it was a joy to ring in the New Year with them! It snowed again that night also.


Now the kids are back in school, my house is de-Christmased and I’m slowly organizing our lives again. I’ve been going through clothes and toys and junk, because its purging season and time to minimize all the unnecessary stuff.

I’m so grateful to God for an awesome season of celebrating His incarnation and sacrificial love for us. I am a truly blessed woman. Which is a good place to end.


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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