Us Lately…


I feel like I haven’t written a personal post in quite some time and therefore I really should. At least for the two of you out there who have any interest. So here it is, don’t mind all the grainy pics!

Where to begin really…

I feel as though I must begin with the most positive change that began this time last year. As it was then that we began looking into transitioning into a new church within the same city we are currently living. For various reasons and for what I can only explain as the stars aligning (or just God’s sovereign hand acting as it does) we found ourselves ready to move on and into the available position of our now current church.

What a great move of God that was.

We have found home. And I really can’t express how important that is. No, it is not rid of human error and sin and complexity and drama that church life brings, and it may not be our forever-home as I’m not completely sure that exists. But it is absolutely where the good Lord has placed us and where we want to be for a long time.

Our church is a true joy in our lives. And a place we feel like we belong in. This past year has been a journey of new beginnings all over again, only infused with a lot of hope.

I’m so thankful to be where we are.

I never wrote about the kid’s birthday at the end of last year. But we combined them again and celebrated in November by taking them out with a bunch of their friends to see the Charlie Brown movie. It was a good time!


We also had a wonderful Christmas which was a true blessing. I was so happily surprised to have another illness-free holiday! It was a great time with friends and family!



We also got to ring in the New Year with dear friends of ours which was also a real treat. Here is us before the ball dropped!


Benjamin has gone from kindergarten to grade one and has become quite the tall and lean little fellow. When I look back at pictures of him when he was one, he looks almost the exact same, only stretched out. His smile is sweet and his personality even sweeter. School is not where he finds his joy. Its been a challenging year so far and continues to reveal so many unknowns for us. But I love that he can use his very vivid imagination to play with his Lego’s for hours. Who knows maybe he’ll become a Lego expert one day!

My boy is the product of many prayers. And his life hasn’t been much different. The Lord is working, even amongst the unknown, He knows what He’s doing.


Lucy is experiencing all the fun of kindergarten. She is making lots of friends. And I get to hear all about Tiana and Melanie everyday after school and the drama that goes along with girls trying to be friends. Her spunk has not faded nor her emotional ups and downs. My girl is loud and chatty and always up to something. She is also accident prone and puts my nerves on edge with her clumsiness and over-active courage. She sings, dances and loves to color.

She is sensitive to the Lord and sensitive in general. And God is at work in all the unknowns that face us regarding our girl.


I have had the absolute pleasure and undeserved gift of being home while the kids go off to school in the day. I bake for the family and cook and clean. I write and I work on projects around the house. Painting this and moving around that. I volunteer in the kids classes and at the church and I couldn’t possibly love it more.

This is my sweet spot. Right here. This.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

Yesterday evening, sitting alone in my living room. The kids asleep and my husband out playing basketball, I was overcome by the sound of rain outside.

I had to hush my thoughts so I could just stop and listen. Enjoy it. What a beautiful sound. And a rush of thankfulness came over me.

My home, this city, my family, this season.


Every one of these things is undeserved and every one of them could be ripped from my grip in one second. And so that is why my worship is for the giver of these gifts. Not the gifts themselves. I’m so grateful that whatever happens God allowed this season in the story of our lives.

And that is how I shall end this family update! So from my crazy family to yours, have a lovely day!



About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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