A Manger In A Tree…


The day is approaching. Three more sleeps. A full month has been put into preparing for just a few short days of celebration.

My mind consumed with thoughts of can’t forgets and must remembers.

We’ve gone shopping, written lists, prepared cards, been to festive events, all in-between runny noses and coughs, tantrums, homework and laundry.

All these things threatening to steal my joy and prevent true worship. These things draw my attention away from the giver of those things.

He has been the provider of it all. The grocery lists tell of His care for our needs. The seasonal events express His joy in our enjoyment as a good Father. The sickness’ demonstrate His bestowing healthy immune systems to my family. All of it speaks to His goodness.

As I slumped onto the couch the other night, my head achy and body tired. I looked at the fireplace filling my home with warmth, little white lights brightening the mantel and our full Christmas tree, and my eye was drawn to a manger made of popsicle sticks.

This ornament that was manufactured by my son in Sunday school, sitting haphazardly in my Christmas tree, had my full attention.

It is a perfectly simple representation of that amazingly humble manger.

My headache was pushed to the background and all I could do is think about how I have all this, everything around me, because of that manger scene.

And as I reflect on this past year, all I can think of is the word, Provision. I echo Mary in Luke 1:49 as she praises with these words…for he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is his name.

Oh, He has done great things for me. Great, great things.

He has not made us rich in our bank account, but He has provided all our needs. He has revealed His goodness and love to us by bringing forth spiritual and biological family to apply what we require. And at times His gifts to us have been so plenty that we’ve had the pleasure of passing it on to others in need.

His goodness spilling over, filling one and then another and another.

And we experience this goodness all because He put skin on and came here, to that manger.

The very Word that called this earth into life. The One who holds all things together at all times. The King of all Kings in all the universe. Because of His great and eternal love for His people.

He condescended to call deeply dysfunctional sinners to Himself.

Marvel at that with me.

Come what may this holiday season, my heart rests in the assurance that although He provides all my earthly needs, my final resting place is somewhere even better. And it is the hope I have because He came and died, rose and ascended.

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:19

Glory with me this Christmas season over Jesus.

And that amazing manger.

Merry Christmas from my home to yours!


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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