To Bikini Or Not To Bikini…


Its bathing suit season ladies.

And if your anything like me, you will have sighed after that sentence. However there is a trend happening now where plus-size woman are taking back the bikini by baring it all with no care for others reactions as a way of freeing themselves from judgement. Woman all over are praising these brave ladies for their courage and self-confidence. Which means I should be raising a fist of solidarity too, right?

But whether you are a big-and-brave type or the type who takes pride in a bod that has spent all year being beaten into submission with Kale chips, green smoothies and cardio fit…I wonder, are bikini’s ever the way to go?

I know many woman of all sizes who would agree heartily with the need for more modesty, but then happily slap on a string two-piece come beach time.

No matter what you look like, is the bikini the ultimate sign of true inner-confidence?

This is a rhetorical question of course.

Modesty is a topic that even the most conservative of Christians are becoming tired of hearing about. Not because we disagree, just because we hear about it all the time. So we nod our heads and do our best. Right?

But I think we are growing weary because the focus is always negative. I believe God wants us woman to display beauty. I just think His beautiful is different than our beautiful.

I think a more appropriate question would be, does wearing a bikini display modesty, respectability, self-control, humility, and good works? And does it display a gentle and quiet spirit? (1 Peter 3:3-4, 1 Timothy 2:9-10)

Surely we should be asking ourselves this question about all our attire also. What we wear display’s something of ourselves. And if our confidence is based solely on our outward appearance, that will most definitely be reflected in the things we wear. In the same way, if our confidence is based in and on Christ and the truth of the gospel has taken root deep in our inner parts, that too will reflect in how we dress.

Everything we do outwardly is a reflection of what is going on inwardly. So if the heart is humble, so will words, deeds and even dress.

I know what your thinking…so that means all I can wear is boring drab turtle necks and long dress’?! Ya no. I just feel like our attire shouldn’t draw too much attention, whether it looks like we stepped out of The Little House On The Prairie or whether we look like a street-walker.

All Scripture that speaks about how a woman should adorn herself have principles for us today. And usually what it comes down to is humility.

Humility does not thirst for attention through outward appearance. Large or skinny, there is no question that bikinis draw attention. We are all looking at you. You are pretty much wearing your underwear in public. However in the same way, if you dive into the lake in a long sleeve shirt and full pants, we will also be looking at you. And probably worry you fell in.

Now before you label me the worst legalist around, let me end with this very important point. We must remember that all of us Christian ladies our on different journeys in this walk of faith. Some are new, some are seasoned, some are in between, but we are all on different paths. And God deals with us (in His mercy) by where we are at on the journey. So some of us ladies who have been convicted in this area and are now fiery about it need to lower the pitch forks of judgement when we see a sister who clearly isn’t in the same place as us. She needs your mercy and love.

This is a topic that indeed needs to be spoken about with grace and understanding so that woman can be made free, and not further shackled by legalism. It is important because God makes it important, and speaks about it a lot. For that reason, the conversation is necessary.

So what do you think? Bikini or no bikini?


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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3 Responses to To Bikini Or Not To Bikini…

  1. I’m a mom, I don’t bikini. Even if I could, I am an active mom and have always played with my son – I need more support than a bikini could provide! I want my bottom fully covered so I don’t have to worry about one cheek falling out when I bend over to pick my kid, or a water gun, up! Bikini’s can be appropriate, but they are seldom wore to be so – but for me, I’m a mom, it is time to shelf the skimp!

  2. PB says:

    “However in the same way, if you dive into the lake in a long sleeve shirt and full pants, we will also be looking at you. And probably worry you fell in.” Great turn of phrase! I am still laughing.

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