Why Does God Choose Idiots?

It is no question that as you read the Bible you see over and over again how the people of God bumble and break and fall-apart and sin and do moronic things.

Jonah for example was a prophet of the Lord. He was chosen by God to be His messenger. But Jonah was an idiot. He was an ungracious, prideful man who was stupid enough to think that he could run from God and then when he failed to run far enough and got caught, Jonah was left feeling angry with God for showing mercy to Nineveh, after the Ninevites had repented of their sins.

David was another one who was chosen by God to be a King of Israel and a warrior. But God knew that David would become an adulterous murderer before his Kingship was done. David was a self-indulgent idiot.

Peter witnessed all of Jesus’s miracles. He ministered with Jesus. He was taught by Jesus. Peter was apart of the inner circle with God-Himself, and yet when the rubber-met-the-road and his rabbi was killed, Peter fled and denied Jesus. But wait, Peter was hand-picked by Jesus to be His disciple, along with all of His other idiot disciples.

God chose Israel. One nation to stand apart from the rest. But even the Israelites were idiots. Constantly turning from the Lord who brought them out of slavery and making idols to worship. Constantly complaining about God and His apparent lack of attention. Constantly giving in to their sinful desires, and rejecting the God who loved them.

And whether you are a Calvinist or not, no one can ignore the fact that God is choosey. He chooses people for certain purposes. He does this all throughout the Bible. He ordains that certain people do certain things. He empowers that some people will carry His message here and there and everywhere. Not all people…just some.

There is just one problem. He is always choosing sinner’s. Every single one of His nations, prophets, kings, disciples, apostles and missionaries have been sinner’s. Which makes idiotic behaviour inevitable.

I know this purely from my own life. For whatever reason, He chose me. I am a follower of Christ with a specific purpose and I am an idiot. Probably the biggest of them all.

So why does He do it?

When Jonah finally went to Nineveh to give them a message from the Lord and Nineveh repented, who got the glory? It sure wasn’t Jonah. He was an idiot. God got the glory!

David of course repented of his sins and while he was in exile he wrote some of the most grace soaked, God-glorifying scripture we have, called the Psalms. God gets the glory in the life of David.

After Peter repented and returned to Christ he spent the rest of his days preaching Christ and furthering the church. He went to his death proclaiming Christ, which today is some of the best proof that the gospel is true. God was glorified through the life of Peter.

God’s continuous grace over Israel, His steadfast, enduring love for them is present all throughout the Old Testament. Israel does not get the glory when you read of their history. It is God who get’s it.

And my life is a testimony of God’s grace. I ran from Him for years, hoping that He wouldn’t catch up with me. I fumble, fail and fall-apart on a regular basis. So I hope at the end of my life (and even now) all people will be able to say is, “Wow, God is good”. Putting the glory exactly where it should be.

It is a frustrating thing watching idiot prone, sinful human-beings try to do God’s work without glorifying themselves. But I take comfort in the knowledge that God know’s what He is doing. He is sovereign over it all…He has chosen certain people for certain tasks. And His Will is not one to falter.

I take comfort in knowing that the whole earth screams of His glory even when my life neglects to reveal it.


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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