The Daily Workout Of Having Toddler’s…

Okay so as you may know, I have two toddlers. And I am quickly learning, that almost everything done in the day besides tv time and story time is pretty physically exhausting. Now I know I am not in the greatest shape in the first place and wont be running a marathon anytime soon. But I think all mother’s run mini marathons every morning they wake up and face the day.

Marathon #1 – Breakfast: I don’t know about you, but breakfast is a task at my house. Getting the kids up and coaxing them to sit down and eat nicely on some days is like the first sprint of the day. Not only are you tired but you are now chasing a playful and irrational 2-year-old around the house trying to convince him that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Marathon #2 – Outdoor Play Time: Getting the kids in their jackets, shoes, hats, mittens, ect, is literally like trying to change the tires on a race car while it is still moving. It’s virtually impossible. My son doesn’t stop for anything. Putting his jacket on, turns into a game, which then turns into a wrestling match. His escape methods are getting better too!

Marathon #3 – Lunch Time: Making lunch at my house is usually done while holding my 1-year-old as she has a melt down because she thinks she is going to waste away before lunch is made. I am also accompanied by my 2-year-old running circles around me. My kitchen is a mad house until they are sitting with food in their mouths.

Marathon #4 – Poop Fest: This doesn’t happen everyday, but it happens enough. Poop fest, is when my kids play ping-pong with each other in dropping deuces. First my boy fills his pants, then immediately after him, my girl takes her turn, and back and forth it goes. It is one stinky nappy after another. Seriously, do they discuss this and then coordinate it?

Marathon #5 – Walk Like a Bear and Dance Time: Every afternoon we usually have a dance party. This is fun but it usually gets rather silly and kind of insane. My son recently decided he likes walking around like a bear on all fours with his butt in the air. And he likes it even more when I do it with him. So this is what we do. We walk up and down the hallway with our tush’s up in the air. Back and forth, back and forth. Ever done this before? It’s like Pilates on crack.

Marathon # 6 – Dinner Time: Just like the first two meals of the day, dinner is another gong show. I usually try to get the majority of dinner made while the kids nap. But there is still always something to be done after they wake up. This hour of the day happens to be my daughters witching hour. So I am usually trying to keep her comforted and happy while getting dinner on the table. It is just as much a mental workout as it is a physical one.

Marathon #7 – Bed time: This is the final stretch! It starts with a bath, then usually chasing naked bums around the house. Getting there jammies on looks a lot like getting there jackets and shoes on for outside play time. Limbs flailing. A steady back and forth between giggles and tears (toddlers are bi-polar). Then story time and tricking them into thinking going to bed is really fun and exciting. This takes skill and dedication. It is also a crucial point of the day because you know rest is right at your finger tips!

I didn’t even mention the cleaning and laundry, teaching and disciplining that happens all throughout the day. But as you can tell, everyday has its set of races. And everyday it is a moms duty to conquer them. So, yes I may be out of shape, but I run, jump, wrestle, dance, play and walk like a bear every single day. Now if only it would make itself known on my waistline. *Sigh* I guess you can’t have it all! 🙂

This is what I do all day…

Many blessing to all you marathon running mommy’s! It’s hard, but worth it!


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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2 Responses to The Daily Workout Of Having Toddler’s…

  1. PB says:

    “Pilates on crack”…very funny!
    I respect you & your fellow marathon moms very much! I felt exhausted just reading this blog. Keep up the excellent work that I know you do each day. Your toddlers have a most excellent Mommy.

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