The Grand Scheme Of Things…

Around this time of year I start to feel Spring fever and I want to take a trip or get away for a bit. I want to retire the regular routine and go on an adventure. When Chris and I were young and childless we usually planned a Spring trip somewhere. Usually they were local trip’s as we have never been able to afford to go somewhere far away and exotic (even though we would LOVE to). Except of course when we went to Europe.

After we got married Chris and I decided we would save up for a year and a half and then we would back pack around Europe. This was going to be our ultimate adventure. We knew that if there was anytime to do it, now was the time! We were so anxious to start our fun endeavour, and I was so nervous about it. But it was fastly approaching and we were about to have a our small world blown wide open.

When we got off the plane in Frankfurt, Germany we were instantly met with the reality that we were small and insignificant in the grande scheme of things. The world was big. It was filled with billions of people. And a lot of those people spoke another language. Everything we normally took for granted became essential in a matter of seconds. I remember sitting outside of the beautiful Frauenkirshe Church (pictured below) in Munich Germany and talking to Chris about how itty-bitty we felt.

The world no longer revolved around us (it never did, but it can feel that way when everything is familiar and regular). We were in someone elses world now. We were borrowing someone elses eyes for a while. We travelled through Austria, seeing Salzburg and Innsbruck. We were enchanted by the beautiful mountains and vibrant colors of the buildings. The people were pleasant and helpful. We felt a little like we were at home there. Until we crossed over to Italy and immediately remembered we were not home.

There was nothing about Italy that reminded us of our regular life. We were thrust into a culture so unlike what we were used to. Getting to experience the sights and sounds of Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan was a breathtaking and exhausting venture. We walked through the somber reality of the coliseum and thought about all of the lives destroyed and now resting under our feet. We touched the walls of the St. Peter’s Basilica and felt the heaviness of the pomp in which the building was created for. We sat in the Pope’s home feeling the weight of all the poor souls who paid the church to free their loved ones from “purgatory”. We got to look up at the unimaginable paintings of Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel, and marvel at his masterpiece. We were participating in a different century. The air was different. We had never been so far from home…and so engulfed in a different way of life.

We finished our trip in the most passive-aggressive country yet….France. They were passive and friendly and extremely helpful if they knew we were Canadian and terribly aggressive and rude if they thought we were American. We started our France experience in the lovely city of Lyon. The sights were absolutely amazing and the food was even better. But we itched for Paris, which is where we embarked next before heading back to Frankfurt. Paris was so much better than we were expecting. It felt like walking in a dream.

We came home from our trip with our eyes open. It was one trip to many places, and it made us aware of ourselves like never before. We always knew of a world out there that is different then the one we wake up to every morning. But now we actually knew it. The world was real and enormous and strange and delightful.

And God is big enough to be sovereign over all of it. He purposes the things in my measly little life. And He arrange’s the purpose’s of everyone else’s too. He does it because He loves all of us intimately. He is here and he is over there. Working, working, working. Non stop, never-ending, working for His will in all the world.

Chris and I came home from our adventure with a greater idea of the grand scheme of things. God is the grand scheme of things.


About hisgracemygrowth

I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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