A Ceremony For Womanhood…

Today I was invited to participate in a “Coming into Womanhood” Ceremony this Saturday morning. Sound weird? It would, if I didn’t explain the context. 

Chris has some family friends who do these manhood and womanhood ceremonies for their kids. This family has two boys and two girls and Chris has been involved in the manhood ceremonies for both boys (one about 7 years ago and the other was done this past summer). They usually do this from ages 18-20, depending on the maturity of their sons or daughters. Today I was invited to a ceremony to share about womanhood for their youngest daughter. It feels a little strange for me as I have never met this girl. But her mom just wants “Godly” woman to speak into her life as she moves out of the house to start school for her career.

Most cultures aside from  western cultures take ceremony very seriously. They usually have a coming-of-age ceremony of some sort to bring boys into manhood and girls into womanhood. But our culture is largely aloof to this thinking. Which makes it not so surprising how many man-child’s and weak-willed woman we have floating around our society. There is something about a ceremony that can make people think about such important things like how character, wisdom and selflessness are marks of an adult.

But most importantly as Christians we need to be that much more interested in what marks woman and men in Scripture. And that will be our job to show this girl on Saturday.

So what am I going to say?

I’m not completely sure yet, there is so much I could say. All I know is it will come from The Word, as it is the only thing that doesn’t change or wither away. But it will take some prayer and study and then I will decide from there.

In all this I am reminded of how woefully lacking in understanding I am of the very nature of woman who God created. Myself being a woman I should have some desire to understand the way He created me. I am hoping that in this ceremony on Saturday we woman of all ages can build each other up. I also hope that I will glean just as much wisdom in the process as this young girl will hopefully gain as well.

I feel blessed and humbled to be asked…and I will write about how it goes when it’s all said and done! 🙂

Pray for me!


Picture Credit: Pic taken from challies.com (free desktop pictures)


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I am a wife and full-time mom of a boy and girl who are 13 months a part. I am a Christ-following woman who is striving to honor God in all my endeavours! I stumble often....but His Grace is sufficient!
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