Picture Of The Week…

This past weekend was a big one for the kids. They got to see there very first movie on the big screen! It was pretty exciting! We saw Planes 2 and although Lucy got a little restless half way through, they both did pretty great.


And right now it is creative play time, so they are hard at work!



That’s it…have a happy Friday!

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Writing About Right Now…


This is what happen’s when I start writing with nothing planned. 

Rain has been strewn across my little part of the earth. Grey is the color God has chosen to represent this past week. Wind and cool air. A sparse few bolts of lightning brighten the dismal ashy skies followed by distant crash’s of thunder.

After the heat, this display only refresh’s me. As I sit typing a gust of wind streams into my den, making me feel like I should grab a blanket. My little pajama clad girl who climbs up on my lap will have to do. I say, “what do you need?” she responds, “I just love you”. No joke, that’s really what she said. That kind of warmth will most certainly do. She wants to play noses. We put our noses together.

In comes my boy in his batman PJ’s, his expression says I’m a super hero on a mission. I ask him “what are you doing?” he says “I’m gonna getchoo”, Lucy squeals with excitement, jumps out of my arms and chases batman out of the room. Together they barrel through the kitchen and into the living room.

I peek around the door to see a mound of couch cushions and pillows on the floor which I assume is their fort, or more better suited, bat cave. They sneak inside and the house becomes quiet. I hear them whisper and giggle. I sit back in my chair, with a smirk I can’t remove.

This is peace. This moment, right now.

Another gust of wind forces its way into the room. The rain just got a little louder. Breeze courses through my soggy backyard blackberry bush. The tree’s slowly sway back and forth. It is a beautiful day.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


The video edition…

What Did Your Parents Most Want You To Be? This is so true! But I must add that I look at this through a Christian worldview in that being good is impossible unless in Christ. So with that in mind, I agree with this video!

Elderly Veteran and Toddler – Two Peas In A Pod: This is very sweet and just might make you cry a little!

The Duet By Glen Keane: A beautiful animated short about growing up and falling in love.

Cause & Effect: This is a great video giving a glimpse into a myriad of different experiences through pregnancy.

The Middle East Problem: Here is a short video explaining what is usually described as a complicated issue. I am no historian and I know Prager is Jewish and therefore bias, so if there is info missing from this, let me know!

Word Crimes – Weird Al: He’s at it again. Here is his blurred lines parody that is much better then the original, cause it actually has something useful to say. Although I know I have made many of these same mistakes too!

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To Bikini Or Not To Bikini…


Its bathing suit season ladies.

And if your anything like me, you will have sighed after that sentence. However there is a trend happening now where plus-size woman are taking back the bikini by baring it all with no care for others reactions as a way of freeing themselves from judgement. Woman all over are praising these brave ladies for their courage and self-confidence. Which means I should be raising a fist of solidarity too, right?

But whether you are a big-and-brave type or the type who takes pride in a bod that has spent all year being beaten into submission with Kale chips, green smoothies and cardio fit…I wonder, are bikini’s ever the way to go?

I know many woman of all sizes who would agree heartily with the need for more modesty, but then happily slap on a string two-piece come beach time.

No matter what you look like, is the bikini the ultimate sign of true inner-confidence?

This is a rhetorical question of course.

Modesty is a topic that even the most conservative of Christians are becoming tired of hearing about. Not because we disagree, just because we hear about it all the time. So we nod our heads and do our best. Right?

But I think we are growing weary because the focus is always negative. I believe God wants us woman to display beauty. I just think His beautiful is different than our beautiful.

I think a more appropriate question would be, does wearing a bikini display modesty, respectability, self-control, humility, and good works? And does it display a gentle and quiet spirit? (1 Peter 3:3-4, 1 Timothy 2:9-10)

Surely we should be asking ourselves this question about all our attire also. What we wear display’s something of ourselves. And if our confidence is based solely on our outward appearance, that will most definitely be reflected in the things we wear. In the same way, if our confidence is based in and on Christ and the truth of the gospel has taken root deep in our inner parts, that too will reflect in how we dress.

Everything we do outwardly is a reflection of what is going on inwardly. So if the heart is humble, so will words, deeds and even dress.

I know what your thinking…so that means all I can wear is boring drab turtle necks and long dress’?! Ya no. I just feel like our attire shouldn’t draw too much attention, whether it looks like we stepped out of The Little House On The Prairie or whether we look like a street-walker.

All Scripture that speaks about how a woman should adorn herself have principles for us today. And usually what it comes down to is humility.

Humility does not thirst for attention through outward appearance. Large or skinny, there is no question that bikinis draw attention. We are all looking at you. You are pretty much wearing your underwear in public. However in the same way, if you dive into the lake in a long sleeve shirt and full pants, we will also be looking at you. And probably worry you fell in.

Now before you label me the worst legalist around, let me end with this very important point. We must remember that all of us Christian ladies our on different journeys in this walk of faith. Some are new, some are seasoned, some are in between, but we are all on different paths. And God deals with us (in His mercy) by where we are at on the journey. So some of us ladies who have been convicted in this area and are now fiery about it need to lower the pitch forks of judgement when we see a sister who clearly isn’t in the same place as us. She needs your mercy and love.

This is a topic that indeed needs to be spoken about with grace and understanding so that woman can be made free, and not further shackled by legalism. It is important because God makes it important, and speaks about it a lot. For that reason, the conversation is necessary.

So what do you think? Bikini or no bikini?

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Picture Of The Week…

I haven’t done this in a while. I guess I’ve been busy being outside more and less on the computer, which is a good thing! But today I want to make this post about being grateful. Which is how I feel right now. So I’m just gonna call this post…

Thankfulness In Pictures!

Cheesy? Yes. But that’s ok. I’ve been living in this house and community for a year now and I couldn’t possibly feel more blessed to live here. So on with some pics…


I’m thankful for this spot…My deck! I sit and drink my tea here almost every morning. It is the best place to start my day!

unnamed (1)

I am thankful for Air Conditioning, especially in this heat that we are experiencing! And children who play well together. Yes, they destroy my house. But at least we have a house to destroy.

unnamed (2)

I am sooo thankful for our play room/basement that the kids can create in and play in. Having this extra space is a wonderful luxury!

unnamed (3)

I am thankful for my pots which hold all kinds of herbs. It is my favorite way to cook, and I love summer for its freshness in food!

unnamed (4)

I love that our kids still have a yard big enough to have a swing set even though we live in a townhouse. They swing on this set almost every single day and I love to watch them!

unnamed (5)

And I am super thankful that my kids have cousins that live minutes away from them! I also love that they all get along pretty well and really seem to love each other!

That brings us to the end! I hope your weekend is lovely and you are reminded of how blessed you are all throughout it!

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


I Could Have Sued And Won: This is a great little story of a woman’s hard decision not to react like the world in a situation that would normally have warranted it. But I love it for the fact that she didn’t give up her Christian witness for dollar signs!

Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness: This very American post by DeYoung for July 4th is exactly how I feel about Canada. I just wish a Canadian would write something similar. Because Canada was founded on many of the same ideals, I concur with Kevin, but of course, for my own country!

Just Pretend This Dead Lion Is A Human Baby, And Then You Wont Be So Upset: I don’t always love the tone in which this guy writes, but I just can’t not appreciate his boldness on these controversial topics. And he just makes some good points.

In Canada – The Hadfields: It puts a smile on my face and makes me proud of being Canadian.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


Darkness Is My Closest Friend: This is a helpful reminder of how to be honest in our struggle. But not honest in the spiritually safe kind of way. I mean truly, darkly, deeply honest.

Google Stops Porn Ads: This is huge! I just hope they follow through and then keep it that way! What a win!!

Why My Family Doesn’t Do Sleepover’s: Admittedly when I read this I was taken back because I have never ever thought about it. I always just assumed that my kids would have sleepover’s because I did. After reading this my husband and I had a long conversation.

Dear Young Person, Don’t Believe The Hype: I had the honor of having a recent post published again on the Aquila Report, so here it is in case you missed it.

Run Like A Girl: This is very effective advertising. A little cheesy, but good.

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