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Happy Birthday Jake: Reading this was very timely. It is a sweet post from father to son and it sure did resonate. “It has not been easy being your dad, but it has been great. Greatness never comes with ease. I am proud that you are my son.”

Moralism Is Not The Gospel: This is a good reminder as I parent and as we do ministry, especially children’s ministry.

Hashtags: #MyWorstCar – Jimmy Fallon: Just because its fun!


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Lesson’s In Gifts Of Grace…

32f42782eedf3e441bedde4a51ee17a8Life is a constant journey in God’s grace. Every morning there are mercies as well as reminder’s of the way the effect of sin have changed the world.

I’m healthy – mercy.

My loved one is still dead – sin.

This week was just the same as others in many ways. Kid’s fought. Appointment’s made. Tea drank. Street hockey played. Food spilled. Laundry cleaned. Meals made. Running. Disciplining. Laughing. Worrying. Lot’s of mercy and lot’s of sin.

The usual in many ways.

Except by the end of last week anxieties were exasperated with an unexpected cost. Details aren’t necessary here. It was just another day wondering how will we do it? Which in reality isn’t far from what most weeks are like. Only this time these concern’s induced more weariness. This time the temptation to sin…a little heavier.

We have a home – mercy.

Maybe we shouldn’t tithe this month – sin.

But everyday is a lesson in God’s grace. And He made Himself very clear about that, after the decision to continue our tithe in faith brought the unloading of His love.

God’s people; our brother’s and sister’s were sensitive to the Spirit’s whisper and became the hands and feet of Christ. Knocking on our door with gifts of His mercy. Mercy after mercy after mercy. All to our surprise.

The body of Christ – mercy.

Not expecting God’s provision – sin.

How could we really not expect that God would take care of us? After all this time, after everything He’s done. We still sit and wonder. I still allow the anxiety to take root. I begin to panic. And it’s just then that there is a knock on the door. Beautiful, smiling, generous and faithful faces stand on the other side. Ones that even in the middle of my untrusting worry were being consulted by a loving God to come fill a need. And obedient they were.

Grateful is hardly a word that can encompass how we feel.

It’s far too little of a word.

But we give glory to God and pray that further blessing will be relentlessly bestowed upon those cheerful giver’s in our life.

And it is in these times I understand in the deepest part of me, this simple but amazing truth, that Jesus loves me…this I know…for the Bible tell’s me so.

Christ’s enduring love – mercy.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


 7 Tips For A Happy Marriage: I would never turn down marriage advice from someone who has been married for 67 years.

Training Our Children With Tenderness, Love And Patience: I don’t think tenderness comes naturally for me. But I desire it so much in the raising of my kids. I like this short and simple exportation from Luma Simms.

Salvation In A Dementia Ward: Reading this gave such hope. You really should read it. “The next moments stunned me. Despite past experiences of being near and ministering to people high on drugs, involved in the occult, or living in mental asylums, never had I witnessed anything like this. Without hyperbole, I can only describe it as demonic.”

8 Causes Of Spiritual Depression: It can come without warning, but we should be prepared. Maybe you are already there, so here are some causes of it.

Beck – Blue Moon: It’s not the blue moon you are thinking of. I’m glad he’s back, I’ve enjoyed him since Loser. Those were the days…but this is much better! I enjoy all the guitars in this one.


A Funny Face Off – Jimmy Fallon: I showed this to my kids and they loved it. They immediately tried to imitate the faces being made. Man I love this show.

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Picture Of The Week…

Well they are just too cute for words. Believe it or not, I caught them hugging like this all on their own and quickly took a pic. Not bad hey? What is Lucy going to do with herself when her best friend/big brother goes off to school in the Fall?! Sheesh!



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Elementary School & Loving The Lowly…


My son is starting kindergarten this September! Yikes! And because of this, I find a lot of my conversations with family, friends, neighbors and strangers tend to surround around this one question, “what school will he be going to”? Oddly enough this seems to be a hot button question. There really are only two school considered acceptable in the eyes of many parents in my community, so I know that when I answer that dreaded question it will be met with high brows and slow head shakes. They do not approve.

Really? It’s not like I’m living in the Bronx!

The school my son will be a part of will have a large percentage of low-income families. And you know what that means? ... they must all be drug addicts. I’m joking of course, because I don’t believe that. But sadly this is how many speak about such folk. And it grieves me greatly.

Last week I had a conversation with a Christian woman who has her child in my boy’s soon-to-be school. She went on to tell me how uncomfortable she was having her son go off to one of those families houses in a “basement suite” while “who knows what” is happening there. She told me that her and her husband live in an affluent area of town and have worked hard for what they have. It just didn’t seem fair to her that her child would have to rub shoulders with dysfunctional people.

I was stunned.

I can’t think of anything more dysfunctional than this “Christian” ladies view of herself and others. Having little money does not equal laziness, and living in a basement suite does not make anyone troubled.

Trust me when I say that I am well aware that there are some sketchy activities happening in some of these kids homes. And the thought and reality of that makes my heart hurt. I hate that some of these kids are coming to school with empty bellies and then going back to broken homes. I know it is happening. And I hope that I will be involved enough in my childs educational experience to notice if truly bad influences are becoming serious. And if things like severe bullying or harm comes my sons way, you better believe I will find a new school for him. But I can’t hide my kids from the sinful realities of this world forever. They will learn that every one of us, rich or poor, is depraved and in need of purifying grace.

However there is a greater problem happening here. We as Christians have a spiritual obligation to the lowly. No matter how uncomfortable that makes us. The second we start turning our noses up at low-income families, or even families with dysfunction due to drugs, divorce or whatever else, we start aligning ourselves with the pharisee’s.

Now all the tax-gatherers and the sinners were coming near Him to listen to Him. And both the Pharisees and the scribes began to grumble, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them. ~ Luke 15:1-2

Jesus loved to shatter the status quo.

Yesterday a friend had a fantastic insight for me on this topic. Her kids go to one of the “good” schools in town and she let me know how many problems run in that school. Kids usually have two working parents and have been raised by child care aids for years. Many of them spend loads of time with media and most have entitlement issues. Bullying is present and so is broken homes.

Truth is, there are problems everywhere. And all I can do is watch closely no matter what school my kids are in. But regardless my kids will mess up and they will sin. And so will yours.

And as their mother I will be relentless in prayer that the Lord will break my kids and then save them.

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Let Me Direct You Elsewhere…


My blog has been quiet because computer issues kinda forced me to lent from blogging. It was kinda nice! But now I’m back.

Fred Phelps And The Anti-Gospel Of Hate: Westboro Baptist church has been in the news for a while now, preaching a false gospel that in my opinion makes Satan gleeful. Their leader has now passed away and Al Mohler speaks about it here.

Your Options In Infertility:  This is really just an article to help those struggling or not what kind of basic options they have in the case of infertility. I am mostly sharing this for the sake of the first half which explains the difficult this subject is.

Genuine Repentance: This is what it looks like.

Jimmy Fallon – Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Entrance: I love Jimmy because of stuff like this! Click Here it see it.

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Picture Of The Week…

Lately I haven’t been taking as many pictures as normal. That’s probably a good thing. So I quickly took a couple of pic’s this afternoon in order to post today. I have two. The first one is my daughter, who has been acting as pathetic as she looks all because she’s had a cold for the last few days and there seems to be no end in sight. Poor thing…she’s miserable.

And the second pic is of my deck that I cleaned yesterday because the weather has been beautiful and I want to start BBQing. Unfortunately today the rain has returned. Bummer…but at least now its clean.




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